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  • Centered Psychology

    Down-to-earth, compassionate care.

    Centered on you.

    At Centered Psychology, we have a team of psychologists and counselors who work with children, teens, adults, and couples in Cleveland and across Ohio.

    We are committed to helping you live a life that feels more calm and centered.  Our clinicians value both the art and science of therapy–we believe that therapy should be individualized to you but rooted in empirically supported approaches to therapy and assessment.   Most of our clients are struggling with anxiety, they are feeling insecure and worried (sometimes for reasons they can’t figure out) and feeling detached from those they love.  But we know you don’t have to stay stuck or unhappy, and you don’t have to do it alone.

    Our mission is to work together with you to develop common sense strategies you can use to improve your life, reduce your anxiety, and increase your confidence. Our goal is to help you feel healthier, stronger, and more connected–to yourself, to those you love, and to your own values and what you want for your life.

    If you’re ready to work towards the life you want, we are ready to help you.

    Let's get started!