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  • Dr. Erin Greene

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    My passion is helping adults become more connected to their values and develop an overall sense of wellbeing, while also learning to deal with a variety of life stressors or mental health concerns. I strongly believe in a holistic and individualized approach to care that is based on your unique circumstances, as well as what research indicates may be most effective. Treatment is not one size fits all and I find that it is important to work closely together to identify what is important to each person entering into therapy. My clients deal with a variety of concerns relating to anxiety, mood difficulties, low self-esteem, or just general trouble adjusting to various life circumstances. I am here because I know that life is not always a straight line and I find it a privilege to help others navigate their own journey.

    In our sessions you can expect a collaborative environment in which I hope you feel free to say or express anything that you are feeling. You will be doing a good deal of talking while in sessions and can expect encouragement to continue the work outside of sessions through simple exercises aimed towards our mutual goals.

    Therapy can at times be hard, but I liken it to cleaning out a closet: Sometimes you have to sort through the clutter so you can put everything back in a more organized and simple way. You may even get rid of a few things that don’t serve you anymore!

    I am a:

    Mirror: I will help you see what is already there. When you are having trouble seeing things clearly, I will help you to find that clarity through your own strengths and values and offer tools that might help this process.

    Witness: I will be present with you and hold space for you when it is most important.

    Education & Credentials:

    • Ohio Psychologist, License #P.7496
    • Predoctoral Internship, Arkansas State Hospital
    • PsyD, Clinical Psychology, Indiana State University
    • BA, Psychology and Justice Studies, Kent State University