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  • Dr. Lisa Doane

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    My passion is in helping teens and adults who have been living with anxiety to approach what they’ve been avoiding, harness new ways of thinking about themselves, and create more calm, confidence, and happiness in their lives. My clients are often worn-down perfectionists, worried over-thinkers, struggling with confidence despite looking like they have it all together from the outside.

    I care deeply about your unique experience, and together we will work to establish a plan for you that is based on your individual goals for growth and change, rooted in what science tells us about what works in therapy. In our sessions, you can expect that we will be doing a lot of talking, but always with an eye on our goals for improving your life. Therapy will be active, collaborative, and often difficult but also with, I hope, some laughs and levity along the way.

    I am an:

    Eternal Optimist: I will hold hope for your future even when you can’t. I believe in people’s strength and resilience, and that you will make it through whatever challenges you’re experiencing stronger from it.

    Encouraging Coach: If you’re anxious, it’s inevitable that there’s something important you are avoiding or is keeping you stuck. Once we figure out what that is, I’ll be gently encouraging you to face it and work through it.

    Education & Credentials:

    • Former Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, Cleveland State University
    • Postdoctoral Fellowship, Case Western Reserve University
    • Predoctoral Internship, National Crime Victims Center, Medical University of South Carolina
    • PhD, Clinical Psychology, Kent State University
    • BA, Psychology & Women’s Studies, Ohio University
    • Ohio Psychologist, License #P.6430